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There is little value in just another 'me too' IT solution company. As a global service company providing IT training and solutions, we offer top-notch yet affordable services for individuals and businesses. We believe that being different really makes a difference, so we offer solutions that improve efficiency and give your brand a perfect image that depicts our creativity, your uniqueness and potential.

ICT Consulting

We provide professional advisory service on how best to use information technology to achieve personal and business objectives.

ICT Training & Certification

Providing quality practical & technical hands-on learning experience for building topflight ICT professionals with certification.

Digital Marketing

Let's help you promote your business & organization with digital technologies and activities that produce results & sustain business growth.

Web Solutions

We build befitting modern websites for personal and corporate brands. We help business growth with online presence & promotions.

Print Media

Offering unique, professional, high quality, appealing & pixel-perfect, yet affordable prints & publications.

Bulk SMS Solutions

At OrgDS.org we provide free web-based contact directory and cheap bulk SMS solutions, including custom automated messages.

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