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Inspiring Girls through Technology to Rebuild their Societies

This article is dedicated to all girls around the world. We, at Simdol Technologies, celebrate the potential of every young woman to be a source of energy, power and creativity, to create a better world and a brighter future for all. Read More

Continuous Learning is Your Key!

Article by ITGurus

Every new day is full of lessons to learn and lives to touch either positively or negatively. Learning is an integral part of successful people’s lives. They don’t only learn, they equally apply and share lessons learned. The quality of a person is measured by the level of application of the knowledge and skills he has acquired. Read More

Benefits of Computer-Based Test

What is Computer-Based Test (CBT)?

Computer LabComputer-Based Test (CBT, also referred to as Computer Based Assessment) is any form of assessment or evaluation (formative or summative assessment) that is conducted electronically with the use of information technology. It may be conducted on a stand-alone computer or on a computer network (over an intranet or the Internet). CBT, unlike Paper-Based Test (PBT), is a form of electronic assessment whose conduct and grading requires little or no human effort. Read More