We are an information technology solution company that offer top-quality, unbeatable services and after-sales support.

  • ICT Consulting: We provide professional advisory service on how best to use information technology in achieving personal and business objectives.
  • Web Development & Maintenance: We build befitting modern websites for personal and corporate brands. We can help small and medium business growth with online presence.
  • Software Development
  • Graphics & Print Media
  • Professional IT Certification Training
  • Digital Marketing: Let’s help you promote your business & organization with digital technologies and activities that produce results & sustain business growth.
  • Sales of IT Gadgets and Accessories
  • Research and Development

Our Experience

Simdol Technologies is a firm that is committed to building top-flight people by building the profile and performance of its clients through the provision and rendering of top-quality and revolutionary products and services.

Our success has been the direct result of unwavering commitment to high service standard and fierce loyalty towards clients. We position ourselves as strategic partners with our clients and always act in the interest of our clients, looking for ways to go the extra mile so as to bring more benefits to them than were contracted for.

Our identification with our clients’ objectives helps us to do the walking for them, but in their shoes, not ours. We believe in having ownership over every project as if we had a direct personal stake in it. Some of the things that make us different are listed below.