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5 Tips To Help Businesses Be More Effective With Social Media Marketing

Everywhere we go there are people saying you need to be on social media, you need a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linked-In and the list goes on, businesses get on social media but don’t always know what to do, how to do it efficiently or even how to do it correctly, all they know is that they need a social media profile. Read More

Mark Zuckerberg Visits Nigeria: His First Ever Trip to Sub-saharan Africa

Mark Zuckerberg Visits Nigeria: His first ever trip to Sub-saharan Africa.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the world leading social networking, Facebook, visits Nigeria today, Tuesday, August 30 2016. While talking about his visit, he said that this is his first trip to visit sub-saharan Africa and that he will be meeting developers and entrepreneurs, and learning about the startup ecosystem in Nigeria. Read More