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Smart Kids Digiskills Camp – Summer ICT Boot Camp

Give your child the ICT advantage this summer!

Simdol Institute of Technology is organizing a special practically intensive and heavily discounted summer vacation ICT boot camp for kids between ages 8 and 16 this summer to make the holiday count, equip them with ICT skills, digital ethics and awareness needed for school and career development, and give them the digital literacy advantage.


  • Digital Literacy
  • Data Processing (Word Processing & Spreadsheet)
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Creative Designs
  • Programming/Coding Fundamentals
  • Internet Ethics & Awareness
  • Web Design & Development
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Maintenance & Repair
  • Basics of Entrepreneurship

Benefits of this Training

  • ICT skills, digital ethics and awareness needed for school
  • Developing creative and presentation abilities of the participants
  • Educating participants on Internet operations and online safety
  • Career development and entrepreneurship

How to Participate

You can register online at www.simdols.com/bootcamp or visit our training center (check our contact info).

Need to Know More?

For any enquiries and more information on the available basic and advanced training packages (regular and corporate), please visit the training section of our website here or call us on 08060530063 or mail us here.